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We live in such a wonderful technological age, where information is readily at our fingertips. So much information can make finding the right answers to your questions difficult so we have made it easy for you by carefully creating informative yet entertaining tutorials in easy to follow formats.

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Try eating according to what the Bible says about diet, health and nutrition!

After her husband's battle with cancer, author Rebecca Austin decided there had to be a better way.  She diligently worked towards finding answers that would help her husband heal.  But so often the data was conflicting and confusing.  Doctors, nutritionist, and specialist couldn't agree on what was best.  So, she turned to scripture and then compared God's word to science.  The result of her studies are found in the pages of this book with clear and easy to understand guidelines to living a healthy life...through God's plan. 

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Are you tired of just not feeling well? Do you crave sweets? Do you have trouble sleeping, have skin issues, experience digestive issues, or have brain fog? You may be suffering from Candida. We are excited to announce the release of our new book and online tutorials, created in partnership with several doctors, to walk you through ditching candida forever! Enroll now and receive special bonuses including our shopping tips guide and our eating out guide.

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Step into Our Kitchen and Learn from Coach Green about Living Foods and Eating Healthy

Whether you are a seasoned healthy cook or just getting started on making a few transitions, you will benefit from joining our Living Foods Academy!  Gain instant access to hundreds of tutorial videos, recipes, how-to's, time-savers, and money saving tips in our comprehensive membership program.  Join the community and start having fun in the kitchen while preparing amazing, healthy, and delicious foods your whole family will love! Click the link below to see all that is included in your membership of this powerful program.

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Nourishing Broth

Seeds, Nuts, Nut Butters, and Nut Milks

Milk, Butter, Soft Cheeses, and Other Dairy

Microgreens, Sprouts, Grasses, and Baby Greens

Grains, Seeds, Beans, and Legumes

Herbs and Superfoods (Coming Soon)

Lacto-Fermentation (Coming Soon)

Preserving the Harvest Academy

Our current class is FULL.  We will be opening the doors for enrollment once again soon.  If you are interested in learning everything you need to know about preserving fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy, eggs, and more...  Click on the link below to be added to the waiting list for when we reopen the doors to this Academy.  We'll keep you informed of our next course dates.

This academy includes online detailed instruction, recipes, and videos on Pressure Canning, Waterbath Canning, Dehyrdating, Lacto-Fermentation, Jams & Jellies, Pickles & Pickling, Vinegars, and Freeze Drying.

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Pressure Canning (Now Enrolling)
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Dehydrating (Get Started)

Learn to Grow Tomatoes

Tomatoes are a staple in almost every American garden, and for good reason! The flavor of a fresh, home-grown tomato simply doesn't compare to anything you get at the store. In this class, we show you our proven techniques to grow mouth watering with high yields and superior production.

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We will be releasing more gardening videos, tutorials, and tips soon...and in the meantime, be sure to also visit our Blog and YouTube Channel for more great gardening insights.

I was looking for a more economical way to add probiotics to my family's diet. (The pills are SO expensive and I wanted something more natural.) Through a friend, I was given the opportunity to meet Coach Green and was introduced to how she makes a variety of healthy foods. Her classes are fun and Coach Green is so patient and knowledgeable. The foods she taught me to make is easy and we love them.

Karen James

What a blessing Coach Green has been. We struck up a lengthy conversation the moment we met & we found we shared a passion for a more “natural” approach to life & our health. Cultured foods were something I remembered my grandmother talking about. I also knew from my nutrition classes how important our “gut health” is to our over all health. And I knew we needed a good supply of “good” bacteria in our gut. ..... Coach Green was the answer I had been looking for. I took her Kombucha, Kefir & cultured veggie classes. The wealth of information & skills I learned was priceless! Her classes are fun & completely exceeded my expectations. I had no idea how easy & fun it was going to be to make these healthy additions for my kitchen & how simple it is to add them to my families meals.

Barb Darnell, Dental Hygienist

Coach Green truly has a heart for people and it comes through in all her tutorials and classes. She has a gift for sharing her knowledge in a fun and professional manner.

Christina Cooper