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Hi!  I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Rebecca Austin and I am a bit of a weirdo. Ask anyone and they’ll agree, especially my husband. But I like to think that’s what makes me interesting. Growing up on a Wisconsin farm taught me many things like how to work hard, play hard, and have a deep appreciation for all God’s amazing creatures and creations. I love to garden, I enjoy raising livestock, and I am an avid cook. I am not a big fan of housecleaning or laundry, much preferring to spend my time outside on our Ozarks, Missouri Homestead.  

Becoming a mom deepened my appreciation for life and how love feeds our very souls. When my daughter was born, I became more aware of how much life has changed since I was a kid growing up. Food is different, the soil is different, our culture has changed.  I wanted the best for my daughter and my family and set out on a quest to improve our way of life.  At that point, our homestead was born.  No longer just a house in the country, we now had what I wanted to someday be a sustainable livelihood. That was almost 10 years ago and each year we continue to add to our sustainability and our goals for the future.

I have a constant thirst for knowledge and am always trying new things…in the kitchen, garden, farm, orchard, etc….so much so, that my husband has lovingly called me a mad scientist (yep, I’m a weirdo). All those crazy experiments have been worth it, though, as our family enjoys life with health and energy. To this day, my daughter has never taken a prescription antibiotic, a testament that healthy lifestyles DO make a difference!

“While I am in the world, I am the light of the world.” John 9:5

My goal when I wake up each morning is to have my light shine brightly to uplift and inspire others. I was happily going along, working on my homestead and singing praises to God when He nudged me and told me I needed to share what I had learned with others. As a result, (and after much kicking and screaming resisting His call… which we so often tend to do) this website and blog were born. It is my hope that in visiting my site, you are enriched, encouraged, inspired, and engaged. I am not a nutritionist, a botanist, a doctor, or any other kind of specialist, but the information you find here is from the heart and based on personal experience and study. May God Bless you and may your light also shine brightly as you live and grow.

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Our mission is to live a healthy, faith-based, sustainable life where we impact others and the environment in a positive way through education, support, and encouragement.

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