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If you suffer from Candida overgrowth, you are not alone. An estimated 80% of the population is dealing with some form of candida imbalance. Join Coach Green from Healthy Homestead Living as she guides you through successfully battling Candida with the unique and effective program developed by TCM specialist Greg Hollingsworth. Success comes with clear understanding, an action plan, and support. We help you with all three while giving you everything you need to Ditch Candida Forever!


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Here are a few of our favorite features you get with this program:

Over 300 Recipes

We include over 300 husband and kid approved recipes that will take the guesswork out of your candida cleanse, including desserts and snacks.

Menu Plans

We make it easy by offering over 8 weeks of menu plans with shopping lists and suggested prep day time savers.  That's a full 2 months of Menus!

Lifestyle Support

Ditching Candida is more than just what we eat.  We offer proven steps outside the kitchen that will speed up the process and help your body Ditch the Candida!

Special Bonuses!

We anticipate as many challenges as we can and offer our support including our special Kids Corner if you have kids who also need to Ditch Candida.

Are you ready to Ditch Candida?

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Do you crave sweets? Do you have trouble sleeping, have skin issues, experience digestive issues, or have brain fog? You may be suffering from Candida.  Gut health has now been scientifically proven to be the cornerstone to our immune system, hormone balance, digestion, and even brain function...and candida is the most common culprit to a gut health imbalance.

If you're looking for relief, better health, better sleep, more energy, and to lose weight, then look no further.  In this comprehensive support program, we will share with you the steps we took to successfully eliminate candida and balance our gut health through a healthy diet, herbs, and a few other easy life tips...on a protocol established by Greg Hollingsworth from Acupoint Health Clinic in Missouri.  

In the program, we anticipate your challenges and offer solutions, tips, support, and encouragement so you can achieve your health goals.  Here are a few of the topics covered:

The Basics

What is Candida?  

In this module, we share a short video explaining the basics of candida, how to do a quick self test to see if you have candida overgrowth, and explain why a candida imbalance is not a simple fix of taking a prescription or just adjusting your diet for awhile.

Basics of the Program.

In this module, you will learn what it takes to win the battle against candida overgrowth to get the health and vitality you are looking for.  It takes more than just diet, and we share what you need to know to get the maximum results in the shortest amount of time.

Eating Guidelines.
The core of the Ditch Candida Program is helping you make the right choices on what to eat that will maximize your results while still enjoying good foods.  We briefly go over what foods you'll need to avoid and then dive into all the wonderful foods you GET to eat.

What to Expect the First Weeks
Change takes adjusting habits and we recognize that.  In this module we support you as you adjust to a new way of looking at old habits and creating new healthier habits.  We offer proven tips that help you get through the adjustments and temptations of the first couple weeks so you can stay on track and find the success you seek.

Getting Started

Setting up the Kitchen
Since the cornerstone of the Ditch Candida Program consists of diet, we share our tips on how to set up your kitchen for maximum efficiency and success.  This is an important step in the program because what you do in the kitchen is the heart of getting your candida under control.

Tools & Equipment
In this module, we share a few of our suggested "must-have's" in the kitchen to make your life so much easier while progressing through your journey.  

Pantry Basics
In this module, we discuss a few of our favorite "staple" pantry items that you'll want to have on hand.  This section saves you time and money as you set up your pantry for a healthier you.  Included in this section is a printable reference guide to make your grocery shopping easier.

Adapting Recipes
In this module, we really start to have fun!  You may have recipes that you really would like to enjoy, even during your Ditch Candida journey.  We share a few secrets on how we were able to convert favorite traditional recipes and with just a few simple tweaks, made those same recipes into healthier versions.  You'll be excited and amazed at how diverse your palate can be with just a few simple substitutions.

Lifestyle Support

Achieving health and vitality, losing weight, overcoming physical challenges....all these things take more than just diet.  Health is a holistic journey.  Included in the program are comprehensive videos to help you with things like:

  • Sleep
  • Exercise
  • Controlling Stress
  • Reducing your exposure to toxic chemicals, especially in your home

And, we don't stop there!

We have spent over a year formulating and testing over 300 recipes that are delicious and nutritious.  All recipes are husband and kid approved (with rankings on each recipe).  Recipes are categorized into main topics like:

  • Egg Recipes and Breakfasts
  • Soups, Stews, & Chili
  • Vegetable Main Dishes
  • Vegetable Side Dishes
  • Chicken & Poultry 
  • Beef & Veal
  • Pork
  • Seafood
  • Snacks
  • Desserts
  • Condiments, Sauces, Dressings, & Extras
  • Beverages, Tonics, & Superfoods
  • Holiday Favorites & Entertaining
  • and a special area for the community to share their favorite recipes

Then, to make your life easier, we put together detailed Menu Plans for eight whole weeks and included grocery shopping guides and prep day ideas for make-ahead options and time savings.

We even give you our special Resources and FAQ sections to take the guesswork out of your experience.  

Have questions along the way during the program?  No problem!  We have a friendly Customer Support staff ready to help you, and each module has a comment section at the bottom should you need additional assistance.

But that's NOT ALL!  Check out our AMAZING BONUSES...

Bonus #1:  Efficiency Tips ($47 value)

We include a short video and lesson on how to be successful in getting your candida overgrowth under control...even if you are super busy and time is tight.

Bonus #2:  Money Saving Tips ($47 value)

One of the biggest challenges we hear people face, is that eating healthy is just too expensive.  We include our exclusive video and guide on how to be successful in the program...on a budget.

Bonus #3:  Eating Out Guide ($47 value)

You don't have to be stuck at home while getting your candida under control.  In this special bonus, we share our secrets to eating out at restaurants and while socializing yet still stay on track.  Enjoy eating out as much as you always have...with just a few simple tweaks.

Bonus #4:  Navigating Holidays Guide ($47 value)

Regardless of your culture and traditions, holidays tend to revolve around food.  With our special guide and video, we show you how you can celebrate birthdays and other holidays without jeopardizing your health.

Bonus #5:  Kids Corner ($97 value)

Kids benefit from being on the Ditch Candida Program as much as adults...and sometimes even more so.  Our kids are our future and they deserve the best we have to offer for their health.  In this bonus section, we share how to help your kiddos transition to the program, how to make meal-time fun, and how to get them more involved in learning about making healthy food choices.  We also include suggestions on how to help them stay on track with the program even when at friend's houses, school, or events.

Bonus #6:  Sugar and Candida ($47 value)

Sugar is a powerful addiction; one that is scientifically proven to be just as addictive as cocaine.  We show you powerful tips on how to break the addiction and get your body back in balance.  There are some simple things you can do when those sugar cravings hit that will get you through the worst of the storm.

That's a total of over $285 worth of bonuses...all included in the membership!

We're looking forward to getting to know you and progressing on your journey with you.  

Once you enroll, you will have instant, unlimited access to the entire program so you can start on your journey immediately.

We'll see you on the inside!

What is Included?

Here is what you can expect when you join today:

  • Over 20 tutorial videos covering everything you need to know while you Ditch Candida, available for instant streaming on any internet device.
  • Supporting Documents that are downloadable and printable for your convenience.
  • Full lists of Foods to Eat and Foods to Avoid to take the confusion out of what to eat.
  • Over 300 Recipes with Variations and Substitutions
  • 8 full weeks of Menu Plans (that's 2 WHOLE MONTHS!)
  • Printable Shopping Lists and Prep Day Suggestions for each Menu Plan
  • Tips on How to Set up your Kitchen for maximum success.
  • Tools & Equipment we recommend to help with the program
  • Supplements guide
  • Alternative therapies that can boost your progress and relieve your symptoms
  • Resources guide
  • Bonus #1: Time Saving Tips
  • Bonus #2: Money Saving Tips
  • Bonus #3: Eating Out guide
  • Bonus #4:  Navigating the Holidays guide
  • Bonus #5: Kids Corner
  • Bonus #6: Sugar and Candida; guide on winning against the cravings
  • Community Support & Encouragement
  • LIFETIME ACCESS including any and all updates, recipe additions, and extras we add to the program.
  • and so much more...!!!!

"I love Ditch Candida. I've been on my journey for a year and a half. The dessert and snack sections are my favorite! Love this program! Never had desserts until now; this program has changed the game for me!"

E. Perkins

"Meals had begun to be a boring mix of naked chicken breast and broccoli, if we even ate at all! With the meal plans and menus we are enjoying meals again. Great variety with flavor combinations I would never think to do on my own. Thanks for the help!"

V. Holligsworth

"I had avoided starting the program for over a year because of fear of failure. I am a hardcore sugar-aholic and just couldn't see myself figuring out what to eat and still feel satisfied. After completing all the videos in the introduction of this program, I felt more confident I could be successful. The thought of giving up sugar wasn't as scary. This is a well thought out program, is laid out very well, is wonderfully user friendly, and has such a wide range of recipes! If you're nervous like I was, just do it! You won't regret it."

B. Darnell

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