Make Your Own Fire Cider (Healing Tonic)

Fire Cider, or Healing Tonic, is a powerful tool in your home-medicine cabinet, especially during cold and flu season.  Loaded with powerful ingredients that help boost the immune system, support healthy circulation, reduce inflammation, and anti-oxidant benefits, Fire Cider is not only healthy, it's delicious.

Traditional Fire Cider contains garlic, onion, hot peppers, and horseradish, steeped in apple cider vinegar.  With such spicy flavors, this tonic has some kick!  Not only is it great for when you are feeling under the weather, try substituting it in recipes that call for apple cider vinegar for that extra heat and flavor.  Add it to your marinades, salad dressings, and in your soups and stews.

So gather your ingredients, and watch the video below to whip up a batch of your own.

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