How to Make Apple Cider Vinegar (It's Easier Than You May Think)

homemade groceries in the kitchen on the homestead preserving the harvest

Apple Cider Vinegar, or otherwise sometimes fondly referred to as ACV, is one of those staple items on any homestead.  Great for cleaning, as a supplement for the animals, and in our own diet, apple cider vinegar is a star!

Early in my homestead journey, I quickly saw the value of this amazing superfood...yet it was so expensive to buy the good stuff at the store... especially since the "good stuff" is the kind that is labelled "With the Mother."  What does that mean?  ACV is a fermented product, and contains beneficial microbes and bacterial that support a healthy digestive system.  Apple cider vinegar containing the "mother" generally means that this version of vinegar still contains those living microbes!

To make your own, you just need scraps of apple, and the great thing about making your own ACV is it is a wonderful way to reduce waste!  After preserving the best part of your apples with dehydrating, freeze-drying, jams and jellies, canning, fresh eating, or other uses for that delicious fruit, you can take the cores and peels and make your vinegar!

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