Nourishing Broths

Remember the old saying, “Have some chicken soup, and call me in the morning…” when you were sick?  Chicken soup isn’t just good for the soul, and there’s a good reason doctors (and grandmothers) would prescribe it in the old days to help you get better when you’re sick.  But it’s not just any old chicken soup…rather it’s the broth made from scratch, that contains the healing qualities.  Let’s take a closer look at why broths are so very good for you, and what may be another great super-food commonly overlooked yet oh so powerful.

All bone broths, whether they’re made from chicken, beef, fish, duck, lamb, quail, deer, or other creatures are nutrient dense, easy to digest, easy for the body to absorb, rich in minerals, and boost the immune system.  Sometimes also called “stock,” bone broth can help heal your gut, benefit the body in overcoming food intolerance and allergies, improve joint health, reduce cellulite, and improve your over-all health.

Store-bought, unfortunately, just doesn’t come close to the quality and flavor of broth you make yourself, especially from grass-fed or free range animals. Here are a few reasons why you should consider making your own broth:

Collagen and Gelatin

Homemade bone broths contain collagen.  Collagen is the protein found in connective tissue of vertebrate animals and is abundant in bone, marrow, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments.  The breakdown of collagen in bone broths is what produces gelatin.  You may remember that jiggling layer in the cooling roasting pan after you cooked your last Thanksgiving turkey.  Next time, be sure to save and use that!  It’s the good stuff that helps your body heal.  Benefits of gelatin and collagen include:

  • Protecting and soothing the lining of the digestive tract.  As a result, can aid in healing digestive disorders like IBS, crohn’s, acid reflux, and ulcers.
  • Promoting probiotic balance and growth
  • Providing bone-building minerals in a way that the body can easily absorb thus helping prevent bone loss and reducing joint pain
  • Aiding the balancing the digestive balance to help with food allergies and sensitivities
  • Reducing cellulite and aiding in soft, supple, healthy skin

Amino Acids

Homemade bone broths also contain amino acids often missing in most Standard American Diets.  Amino Acids found in bone broths include Arginine, Glycine, Glutamine, and Proline.  If you’re not familiar with amino acids, they are used in every cell of your body to build the proteins you need to survive.

Arginine is necessary for immune system function, wound healing, production and release of growth hormones, helps regenerate damaged liver cells, and is needed for the production of sperm.

Glycine prevents the breakdown of protein tissue like muscles, is used to make bile salts and glutathione (a popular expensive supplement for joints), helps detoxify the body of chemicals, and is a neurotransmitter that improves sleep and improves memory and performance.

Glutamine protects the gut lining, is metabolic fuel for cells in the small intestine, and improves metabolism and muscle building.

Proline helps regenerate cartilage and heal joints, reduces cellulite and makes skin more supple, and helps repair the gut lining (leaky gut syndrome).


Not only are homemade bone broths more nutrient-dense and contain more healing benefits, but they are also incredibly economical!  Broths are made from a combination of simple vegetables like onion, garlic, carrots, and celery along with parts of a vertebrate animal generally considered waste.  Traditional broths were made including things like the feet, bones, ligaments, and fat of the animal so that no part of the animal went to waste.  If you purchase an organic free-range chicken, for example, you can still enjoy the meat for your favorite chicken recipes yet also get a hearty broth from the remaining bones.


For generations, cultures all over the world have used broths as a basis for their diets.  Broths can be used to make soups, stews, rice dishes, bean dishes, marinades, and so much more.  By incorporating a little bit of broth into your daily dietary habits, you too can enjoy all the healing benefits of broth while delighting in a wide variety of delicious recipes.  Once you try it for yourself, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to make, how far a batch of broth will go, and how delicious it is in your recipes.

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