Start with Simple Changes

Adjusting to a healthy lifestyle begins with small habits, compounded over time. Drink more water, eat more fruits & vegetables, get enough sleep, and taking time for yourself are great places to start. Check out our articles, videos, and full courses for more information and support.

Theologenic Diet

There are so many fad diets out there, and the problem is that they simply don't work in the long term.  Why?  Because most are not following biblical principles set out by God and outlined for us in scripture.  Join the Theologenic Movement where we guide you step by step through simple adjustments to how you look at food, your food choices, and what it takes to truly find health through God's plan.

Blog Articles

If you are a more analytical learner and like to read articles, we offer a wide range of choices on our favorite topics plus recipes, how-to's, and science behind what makes certain foods more healthy than others.  Herbs, living foods, healthy habits, kitchen hacks, and our feature "Homemade Groceries Series" are just a few of the topics you'll find here.

Free 21 Day Challenge

Join us on our guided 21 Day Healthy Habit Challenge to help you make better healthy choices in your lifestyle and diet.  We share our personal experiences with trends that work and those that don't...and why.  Over the next several weeks, you will have our support and encouragement if you are needing the accountability of a guided plan to get started on your journey.  Daily messages sent through Facebook.

Fun in the Kitchen

Too often I hear people say that they don't know how to cook...or don't like to cook...or don't have time to cook.  We share our tips and tricks to make your time in the kitchen fun, efficient, and economical.

Now Available! Join the "Theologenic" Movement

Now hot off the presses is our brand new book, The Theologenic Diet:  What the Bible Says About Diet, Health, & Nutrition.  If you are tired of all these fad diets that don't ever seem to work, and you're frustrated by all the confusion about what to eat and what not to eat for a healthy lifestyle, we have the perfect solution!  This book dives deep into both scripture and science to give you answers with clear guidelines and action steps.  Order your book today and get one of the first copies, autographed by the author, Coach Green herself!


Ditch Candida Cookbook and Online Support!

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?  Do you crave sweets?  Do you have trouble sleeping, have skin issues, experience digestive issues, or have brain fog?  You may be suffering from Candida.  We are excited to share with you our new book and online tutorials to walk you through ditching candida forever!  Enroll now and receive special bonuses including our shopping tips guide and our eating out guide. 


Join our Living Foods Academy

Getting healthy and adjusting your lifestyle require learning a few new skills and gaining new insights.  Join Coach Green in our comprehensive and engaging programs where you learn the easy steps to living foods for better health.  Select from our monthly, annual, or lifetime memberships and start having fun in the kitchen, all for just $11 per month (or less).



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